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The Evolution of E-Scooters

Posted by Matthew Wilkinson on
E-scooters, quads, bikes and rides for every age group

Electric scooters have been rapidly evolving throughout the years. More and more people are turning to e-scooters for pragmatic, eco-friendly transportation which means that with a higher demand comes a higher standard for electric scooters. Features, battery power, comfort and reliability are some of the key factors that suppliers have been focusing on.

There has been a substantial increase within the United States of electric scooter rentals and purchases over the past five years, and if you live in a city, then you most likely see 5-10 people riding electric scooters every day. This is because most people are turning away from public transit due to Covid-19, the soaring prices of ride share apps and the cost of paying for vehicle parking within cities. It is expensive as is to live in a city, so people are exploring new ways to save money and commute feasibly.

Since 2000, Razor has been rapidly evolving with the times to offer better products. You may have seen Razor's early stages of scooters and weren't impressed. But with time Razor has become a worldwide leader in electric scooter sales, consistently creating better high-tech products throughout the years and tailored to more people. From the C25 electric scooter, to the EcoSmart Metro electric bike, Razor has been able to create some truly amazing products for all age groups. Whether you're commuting in the city, looking to explore the outdoors or trying to get the kids off the screens and outside for some fresh air; There are so many options to choose from. 

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