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Why Electriibe?

Posted by Matthew Wilkinson on
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Before you make a purchase with a business, a few questions run through your head. Is this a trustworthy brand? Am I getting quality products for the price I am paying? What makes this business different than other brands? These are all the right questions to ask.

As a small business, we pride ourselves in providing the best customer service to our customers. We want to differentiate ourselves from larger corporations. Here at Electriibe, we want to give you a sense of community. Every customer and visitor is important to us, and as we all know the pandemic has been devastating  to small businesses across the US. We take every customer interaction seriously and we value your opinion. By creating a relationship with our customers, we stand out from larger companies because we care. 

We have chosen Razor Worldwide as a supplier because they continue to raise the bar in the electric vehicle sector. Every year, more high-tech models of e-rides come out and it is truly remarkable what some of these products are capable of. Razor has been a worldwide leader since 2000 and Electriibe is proud to be a partner. As we continue to grow our business, we continue to roll out new products for our customers. Two brand new products we have just released are the Razor Rambler 16 Electric Bike and the Razor C25 SLA Electric Scooter. These are two amazing electric rides and we are excited to offer them. The Razor Rambler 16 is an electric bike with all sorts of cool features. Equipped with an LED headlight, brake-activated taillights and a bench style cushioned seat, you can enjoy a nice and relaxing cruise through your neighborhood. The Razor C25 SLA is an electric scooter with two speed modes –Sport Mode goes up to 15mph and Eco-Mode goes up to 10 mph –delivered by a 250-watt bug-driven motor. 

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