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Introducing the New Razor C25 Commuter Scooter!

Posted by Matthew Wilkinson on
razor c25 electric commuter scooter for adults

We all know how difficult commuting can be. Whether it be navigating through traffic, spending hundreds of dollars on ride apps, parking fees or worrying about being late... the list goes on. 

Living in the city comes with its pros and its cons. That's why we are happy to announce the release of our newest commuter scooter, the Razor C25 electric scooter. Specifically made for adults commuting in cities, this e-scooter has a battery life of up to 18 miles on a single charge. A smoother and smarter commute, Razor's innovative offset wheel design features a super cushion 12.5 inch front air tire, coupled with a 8.5 inch rear air tire to provide superior comfort over rough or uneven surfaces. 

When it comes time to hop on the train, walk up to the office, or toss your belongings in the car for that well-deserved getaway, the C25's folding frame and quick release latch design makes it easy to pack up in seconds.

The C25 electric scooter includes a bright LED headlight, a brake-activated tail light, and reflective decals for better visibility. And the LED display helps you keep track of speed and battery life. 

This is quite literally the perfect electric scooter for commuting, and our customers have been blown away by the capabilities this scooter has.

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