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The Future of Electriibe and Electric Scooters

Posted by Matthew Wilkinson on
E-scooters, quads, bikes and rides for every age group

What exactly is the future of e-rides? The future of sustainable, eco-friendly transportation continues to grow in an upward trend. With that in mind, this booming market for electric scooters, quads, bikes and rides is something that our team at Electriibe look forward to. As we continue to transition from fossil fuels that have a devastating impact on our environment, electric rides of all kinds are proving themselves to be both an urban and suburban necessity and consequently are in huge demand. 

Not only that, we believe that the technology behind micro-mobility will continue to have positive developments in the short and long term timeframe, bringing even more sustainable, eco-friendly and user-friendly products to the markets for consumers to enjoy. 

Here at Electriibe, we are proud to be a part of this transition and to help customers get to and from their daily lives in a positive way that will be both beneficial to themselves and their environment. We are a proud partner of Razor Worldwide, and will continue to do our part in making the world a better place for generations to come. 


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